Not Available DEKFW - Not Available - Archer 2/Cherokee (PA-28-140/180)/Cherokee Archer/Cherokee Archer 2/Cherokee Cruiser/Cherokee Warrior 2/Warrior 2/PA-28-140 Cherokee/PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser/PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior 2/PA-28-161 Warrior 2/PA-28-180 Cherokee/PA-28-180 Cherokee Archer/P (P28A) - D-EKFW

Additional Data

Additional information as it flew nearby

Ground Speed
0 km/h
Heading (degrees)
130 (East-Southeast)
0 m
Lat: 53.4009 Lng: 8.5529
Date (UTC)
Nov 18, 2018 14:11
Flight spotted duration
Distance from Departure Airport
60 km
Distance to Arrival Airport
42 km

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