Nordwind Airlines N4087H - Nordwind Airlines - 231/252TSE/Bravo/Encore/M-20K 231/M-20K 252TSE/M-20K Encore/M-20M Bravo/M-20M TLS/TLS/M-20V Acclaim Ultra/Acclaim Ultra/M-20TN Acclaim Type S/Acclaim Type S/M-20TN Acclaim/Acclaim (M20T) - N4087H

Additional Data

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Ground Speed
202 km/h
Heading (degrees)
247 (Southwest)
32614 m
Lat: 46.8242 Lng: -122.959
Date (UTC)
Jan 25, 2023 18:06
Flight spotted duration
Distance from Departure Airport
93 km
Distance to Arrival Airport
143 km

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